We offer internship placements all around the world and believe:

                       “You shouldn’t stay at home!”

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The programme is designed for students training in teaching and social work, as well as for qualified teachers or professional social workers.

Add-on: By the way: As a student, your internship abroad is recognized by universities and colleges as relevant to your academic studies.

We ensure you experience easy access to your future internship abroad, we prepare you in a professional way (in co-operation with colleges/universities) and together with our local partners we support you around the clock. That’s easyGo!


We make it easy – where would you like to go?

NEW: easy goes INDIA!

As of now apply for India!

Burkina Faso, Niger (French)
Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Namibia, Nepal, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand (English)
Nicaragua, Argentina, Mexico (Spanish)
Brazil (Portuguese)

For German speakers: There’s plenty more information in our free brochure
brochure – – take a browse!

For non-German speakers: If you have any questions at all, please get in touch using the contact form or send us an email to info@easygo-easycome.org.

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